Monday, July 30, 2007

The Valley of the Temples

Agrigento, Sicily. Hot, Hot, Amazing, Hot, Amazing. The Valley of the Temples is an area between Agrigento and the water that is stocked with Greek temples from the 6th and 5th Century BC. One temple when it was build was the size of a football field. In the Temple of Hercules which was mostley rubble we could walk around in it. It was a three hour experience involving a 2 Liter of water, 3 cokes, 2 small bottles of water, and 2700 year old buildings. Loved it. We have spoke to a few poeople in Syracuse who have been to Greece and they are convinced the ruins in Sicily are better. Of Course these are Sicilians we are hearing this from, but non the less, the ruins here are spectacular.

Friday, July 27, 2007


I feel like i need a shower just explaining this trash heap of a city.
1. Dirty as hell
2. If you have a death wish get in a car
3. Not all that much to see
a. If you did find something of interest and managed to dig it out of the trash piles around it, someone would honk at you to move on.

My Dad always said "The deffinition of a split second is the time between a traffic light turning green and a Saudi hitting his horn"

There is something faster than a split second in Sicily. They don't even wait for the light to turn green. You cannot go more than 30 seconds at any time on the road without hearing a horn, NO exaggeration.
Driving in Paris is a breeze compared to this.

On the bright side our Hostel doubles as a Prison in the non-tourist season. Holes in the walls, no AC, no lift (we are on 5th floor) Non locking community showers. All the elements you look for in a prison.. er Hostel.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We spent two days in Vieste Italy. A beach resort on the east coast of Italy.
We were the only two Americanos in the city, no kidding. Many Italians, a few Germans, Zero Americans. A shopkeeper even said we were the first she has seen in the season.

Vieste is definitely out of the way, but well worth the trip. Many narrow mountain roads to get there. Our hotel was feet from the sand for 40 bucks a night.

It is HOT HOT HOT down here. Unlike Romania no one has died yet due to the heat wave here, but I may be the first. Our room was an oven. Two large, mostly naked men laying on a double bed together, sweating like pigs is a frightening sight.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Back to Venice

Venice trip 3. My 3rd time in Venice. Still bloody amazing. 2nd time with the "flying rats"

Miss Clio

This is our Girl "Miss Clio"
2007 Clio3 Renault
stick shift
fast and fun to drive

Monday, July 16, 2007


Is this parking for ladies only?
We are in München now and heading to Venice tomorrow.
Long drive ahead of us.
So thinking ahead we are doing the 6pm pub crawl tour tonight.

Ich Machen Weissbier!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Vienna & Salzburg

Vienna and Salzburg are postcard like beautiful. Much like myself.
This picture is of Salzburg, which after walking the old streets and seeing all the shops was like going back in time. We spend the evening in a pub watching the USA vs. Austria under 20 World Cup game. The bar was packed, 90% Americans. We lost but was a very good time.

The Bouncer was named "Elvis" A Gigantic man with a buzzcut than ended with a Elvis like top and huge sideburns. He was Austrian, but spoke excellent english. A touch like AHRNOLD but more spitting. The night was filled with many stories of Americans throwing up in the bar because they "can't drink for shit." He did say we were always very polite though. His one trip to America and what did he do... Route 66. I think Germans/Austrians think more about Route 66 than Americans do. I then met the owner, who after talking to me awhile says I can come back and be a bouncer there when I learn German. Elvis had four huge rings on his right hand that spelled
"K I N G" classic night.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Wow, wonderful down town walking area. A bushel of out door cafes. This Bratislava looks nothing like the one from the movie Eurotrip. We met up with a few guys going to Vienna and Slazburg also. One of them lived in Salzburg for six months. So we now have a guide when we get there. Both of them are from Spokane Washington so after I bashed the town and area we hit it off well.

I am nothing but impressed with Bratislava, small for a capital but worth the trip.


We are lost on back roads on our way to Bratislava. A cop ahead is waving at me to what i think is turn right in front of him. Wrong. 60kph in a 50 kph is a ticket. As he walks to the window I'm still not sure what the deal is, Mike and I are studying our map trying to figure out what bloody road we were even on. Cop starts to speak in Hungarian to me. I give him the universal no-idea-what-you-are-saying-I-am-a-stupid-monolingual-American look. He takes a deep breath. "Speed" I am stunned, I was going 60kph which is like slow (math computations to mph later) He writes down on paper 60/50 points at 60 "you" points at 50 "ok".

Alright, i am screwed, Budapest jail and cavity search coming up. I say sorry, throw a few lost tourist attempts at him. He takes a deep breath, "Fine" ah he is picking up English quick. "5000 Fine" After we negotiated our ticket in Poland from 1000k to 100 I figured my skills for debate we about to flourish. Just as i begin my retorte, he whips out a ticket book and starts writing. I explain to him the absurdity of the metric system and how minuscule 10kph really was in the greater scheme of life, but apparently his English stopped at "Fine", and "Speed". Then the sweet heart gave us directions back to the highway.

Hungary was a beautiful country but after two parking tickets and a "speeding" ticket I am glad to be out of it.

Monday, July 9, 2007


Budapest has been amazing. I took this picture on the Buda side from the main castle. Beautiful city, with the feel that it is only the tip of the ice burg in what it will become tourist wise in the future. Much like Prague felt in 99. The Pest side is busy, with a few wonderful walk streets, and many cafes. The Buda side is where it really gets great to look at. Huge homes, tree lined streets, and older architecture.

The bad news today, was I somehow managed to get TWO parking tickets in one day. The 1st one was in the morning out side our hostel. The 2nd was due to our not having enough change, and the machine only took change. In a country where its 200 to 1 exchange rate, the machines should take bills or credit cards. SO we tried to make the 2 hour bus trip around the city in the 2 hours we had paid for. No suprise to see the cop writing the ticket when we got back, about 20 mins after our slip expired. Ah well. 6000k in parking tickets in one day! Otherwise Budapest has been outstanding.

Sunday, July 8, 2007



We made the trip to Auschwitz from Krakow. It was a little over a 1 hour bus ride. There are a few sights there Auschwitz 1, 2, and 3.
The Birkenau site Auschwitz 2 is an emotional experience. These chimneys are all that is left of about 80% of the barracks from the site. The barracks that are left are stunning. About 1.5 Million people died at Auschwitz. They have done an amazing job explaining what happend and getting the point across that this needs to be shown to all people in the hope that it will never happen again.

Prague and Krakow

Prague while an amazing city, has changed quite a bit from 99, when i was there last. Talk about overrun with tourists. It was a zoo. Every three shops where the same,
1. Czech me out Tshirts
2. "Authentic Czech crafts" yeah made in china scratched off the bottom
3. Dodgy food shop
Otherwise, still a very beautiful town.

This was our Hostel in Prague, we called it the prison. More like a pod than a room.

Krakow on the other had was a blast.
I am pointing to it on a map of Poland at a gas stop on the way.

Krakow was stocked full of bars, shops, and eats.
We hit multiple places every day. It was our break from sight seeing and more of a focus on relaxing and a drink or 20. My new favorite drink is Strongbow cider. Damn tasty. We were in a Irish pub till 4am on Friday night, the place closed at 2am, that's how popular we were. The LA million dollar agent, and the Pro Poker player were a hit. The bartender was Polish but spent a few years at Kansas U, then we met the manager Dave, who was Irish and didn't speak any polish. His dad owned the bar with a friend. The other owner rolled in about 10pm and proceeded to get smashed upstairs with the Karaoke singers. We moved up there at 230 am when the bar supposedly closed. Hour and a half later and a phone number from a kid who deals "underground" poker in Dublin and we were out into the 4am night. Was a night to remember.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

WrocŁaw Poland

We are in Poland. 1st bad news of the trip, my laptop was stolen out of the car in Berlin.
We didn't discover it was gone till Prague. Very disappointing, i got online and changed all my info that day. Prague was beautiful but an avalanche of tourist. I have never seen so many tourists in one place. Also our hostel must have doubled as a prison when it had no hostalers.

Now in WrocŁaw Poland, which i did't know existed until yesterday. The drive to Krakow was a bit much from Prague, so we cut it in half and stayed here. Beautiful hostel, called the Stranger, easily the best hostel yet. Krakow tomorrow.

Pics soon.